Special vacuum cups

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As much as we love standards, we know that there are applications that require a special vacuum cup. This includes among others, the Bernoulli vacuum cup, which transports sensitive or porous products with little contact.

Group picture Bernoulli vacuum cups Series SX-B

Series SX-B

Bernoulli vacuum cups

Group picture Bernoulli vacuum cups Series SX-B-PK

Series SX-B-PK

Bernoulli vacuum cups

Special vacuum cups by FIPA - Airs and Graces!

Bernoulli vacuum cups transport porous products with minimal contact and high torsional resistance. Vacuum generators, such as ejectors, are not required to operate – all that’s needed is compressed air. With a high volumetric flow and low vacuum level, they are perfectly suited to handling air-permeable goods. These so-called floating vacuum cups are typically used for the handling of extremely thin products, such as foils, papers, veneers and printed circuit boards. Suction pads based on the Bernoulli principle are also suited for separating thin workpieces. FIPA Bernoulli vacuum cups are characterised by an extremely high retention force. The high-performance design allows the movement of products up to 1.2 kg with minimal contact. Multiple Bernoulli vacuum cups can be linked for the handling of large/heavy products. FIPA Bernoulli vacuum cups made of PEEK can transport sensitive food products. PEEK is approved for direct contact with food (FDA/EC 1935 / 2004) and fulfils the stringent requirements of hygienic design. Shop